To ensure that your home receives high quality fuel, we deliver premium heating oil that contains the state-of-the-art Avalux additive package.

This additive package includes a fuel enhancer that maintains high fuel quality, a detergent that cleans your fuel delivery system and a corrosion inhibitor that protects your fuel storage tank from corrosion.

Reduced burner nozzle spray, caused by deposits from generic, poor quality fuel.
Nozzle spraying additized, high quality heating oil, normally, into combustion chamber.

Our additive reduces service calls and helps your heating system operate at peak efficiency, which extends equipment life, benefits the environment and saves you money.

No branded gasoline marketer would consider selling you gasoline without additives. Should your heating system run on poorer quality fuel than what you put in your car? We don't think so. We know you want and deserve high quality in all your fuels. That's why we give the extra effort and bear the extra cost to provide you with premium additized heating oil.


Spray photos courtesy of Delavan Spray Technologies,
a leading manufacturer of oil burner nozzles.

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