avalux During the last 30 years, no new refineries have been built in the United States. Therefore, it's been a challenge to supply the increasing demand for light products such as gasoline, diesel and heating oil. Refineries have implemented a cracking process to help meet this challenge, whereby large hydrocarbon molecules (heavy oils) are cracked apart to form smaller molecules (light products).

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Cracking substantially increases the volume of light products produced from crude oil. However, cracked molecules are unstable, because their cracked bonds are chemically reactive. Over time, during transportation and storage, many of the unstable molecules will recombine and clump together. The end result is sludge in fuel in storage tanks, which can clog filters, strainers and nozzles, resulting in costly fuel-related service calls.

How can heating oil dealers achieve high fuel quality?

Avalux heating oil additive is extremely effective in stabilizing cracked molecules, by disabling chemically reactive bonds. This prevents cracked molecules from recombining and forming sludge.

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Avalux Additive Package Components:

Fuel Stabilizer: Minimizes fuel degradation and sludge formation.
Dispersant: Gradually dissolves existing sludge into tiny particles that are burned away.
Detergent: Cleans the fuel supply system, including nozzles.
Corrosion Inhibitor: Helps protect storage tank from rust and corrosion.

Most heating oil dealers that use Avalux treat all the fuel they deliver, at no extra cost to the consumer. It's a great value, worth asking for.

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